Sky Soaring airport is located in the beautiful Hampshire countryside 45 minutes northwest of Chicago. Take the Northwest Tollway (190) west from Chicago to Rt. 20 Marengo. Go west on Rt. 20 for 1/4 mile our driveway is on the right. See map and directions.
Field office: 847-683-7627
Email: Info@skysoaring.com
Sky Soaring flys from April 1 through November 15 (weather permitting) on Saturdays, Sundays and many weekdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Please call the field office before leaving home.

 Experience the Thrill and Beauty of Glider Flight! 

Are you considering joining a glider club? Check out Sky Soaring! Visit us this weekend (or any weekday that we have operations), become a day member, and see what the fun is all about. An FAA certified pilot will take you to 3,000 feet in a comfortable two seat glider and you'll soar above the beautiful Hampshire countryside for 20 to 30 minutes.  The cost of Day Membership is $130.  The first flight is included in the cost of day membership. Additional flights are $40 each.  We do not book reservations.  Day Memberships are provided on any day we have operations and a pilot is available generally between noon and 5:00 pm.  Please call the field before leaving home to verify we're flying. Don't forget to bring your camera!    

We offer Day Membership gift certificates at Day Membership rates. To request a gift certificate please email info@skysoaring.com   

Day Member qualifications: glider passengers must be at least 4 feet tall, and less than 220 lbs.  Minors require parental presence.


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